INBDE Complete Guide and Study Material

INBDE Complete Guide and Study Material

INBDE Complete Guide and Study Material Dental Books

Hello Dear Aspirants, In this post I will share INBDE Complete Guide and Study Material.

    What is INBDE?

    The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) is a new written, cognitive examination for dental licensure scheduled to replace the current National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I and Part II examinations no sooner than August 2020.

    It is referred to as an “integrated” exam because it combines content from several disciplines, and test takers must integrate their knowledge of science with the clinical know-how involved in the safe practice of dentistry to answer many of the test items.

    The INBDE has the same overall purpose as the NBDE Part I and Part II: to assist state boards of dentistry in evaluating candidates for dental licensure. By integrating content covering the basic, behavioral, and clinical sciences, the INBDE is expected to be more relevant than the current NBDE Part I and Part II examinations.

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    INBDE Implementation Plan?

    INBDE Implementation Plan? dental books

    As of September 4, 2020, the JCNDE announced that it will extend the last date to take the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I to December 31, 2020 for ALL qualified dental candidates (i.e., regardless of whether or not they were trained by CODA-accredited dental programs).

    Here is the Complete Implementation Plan Click Here

    Here is the INBDE Implementation Plan and Recommended Action Click here

    INBDE Syllabus??

    The INBDE requires examinees to bring to bear basic and/or behavioral science knowledge and cognitive skills in clinical/professional contexts in a way that informs the licensure decision for safe, independent, entry-level competency in the general practice of dentistry.

    The Domain of Dentistry represents the Clinical Content areas and Foundation Knowledge areas required for the safe, independent, general practice of dentistry by entry-level practitioners. It contains 56 Clinical Content (CC) areas and 10 Foundation Knowledge (FK) areas



    Clinical Content areas represent the fundamental tasks that are performed by entry-level general practitioners. These areas are grouped into three component sections: 

    1) Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

    2) Oral Health Management

    3) Practice and Profession..

    INBDE Test Specifications, by Clinical Component Section


    1) Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning includes all aspects of diagnosis, assessment, interpretation of laboratory results, physical evaluation of structure, appearance and function, as well as background, characteristics, circumstances, underlying conditions and psychological, social or behavioral influences to derive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as reasonable and safe treatment alternatives for any patient

    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning INBDE DENTAL BOOKS

    2) Oral Health Management

    Oral Health Management includes all aspects of patient care delivery, including provision and modification of treatment, handling of complications, intervention outcomes assessment, and all developments that arise in the course of managing a patient’s oral health care.

    Oral Health Management INBDE DENTAL BOOKS

    3) Practice and Profession.

    Practice and Profession includes the understanding, implementation and monitoring of effective systems, procedures and policies that support professional practice integrity, quality control and self or organizational performance assessment, as well as systems, procedures and policies that enable skillful integration of new knowledge, products and technology, and that minimize risk and enhance the quality of care provided or improve community oral health.

    Practice and Profession INBDE DENTAL BOOKS


    Foundation Knowledge (FK) Areas represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to successfully perform tasks represented in the aforementioned Clinical Content Areas. Knowledge in each area is applied by the dentist to aid in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of oral disease and to promote and maintain oral health.


    Here is document from which we can relate all Ten FK 1-10 with Clinical Content Areas. Click Here

    INBDE Test Specifications, by Foundation Knowledge Area

    INBDE Test Specifications, by Foundation Knowledge Area inbde dental books

    Percentage of INBDE Test Items, by Clinical Component Section and Foundation Knowledge Area

    Percentage of INBDE Test Items, by Clinical Component Section and Foundation Knowledge Area inbde dental books

    How is Fundamental Knowledge and Clinical Content Area Relatable??

    Many Students are confused between Fundamental knowledge and Clinical content area. Difference between these two is the former is for basic knowledge for particular disease and Clinical content is to interpret Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Management and Procedure From Fundamental Knowledge.

    Let me Explain with an example.

    Suppose a clinical case is presented with trauma of  8 year child and patient's central incisor is fractured and patient complains of pain and sensitivity to hot and cold.

    So, Based on fundamental knowledge, we can diagnose and treat accordingly. As root formation of central incisor is completed by 10 years of age. So it means root is incomplete formed and based on that fundamental knowledge we can conclude that Root Canal Treatment is not the right treatment plan. We can go for Pulpotomy and wait for root formation.

    Lets Check out another example.

    sample question inbde dental books

    So from above question, we know that 2 g Amoxicilin should given in prosthetic heart valve conditions.

    From 8 and 6 Fundamental Knowledge Reference is given.

    FK 6 General and disease-specific pathology to asses patient risk

    FK8 Pharmacology

    From FK 6 we come to know risk factor for performing any procedure in heart patients.

    From FK8 we come to know about medicine given in such patients

    From 26 and 32 Clinical Content

    From CC 26 we come to know the route and dosage of drug administer

    From CC 32 Diagnosis and management of necrotic 24 in heart patients.

    Here is the 44 pages Sample questions Click here

    Here is the Complete Guide of INBDE Click Here



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