Oral Pathology & Medicine-Rememebrology PDF

 Oral Pathology & Medicine-Rememebrology PDF

Oral Pathology & Medicine-Rememebrology PDF
I, being a dental student with an understanding-but-not-memorizing brain, had this enormous fear and anxiety creep through me whenever I was faced with a subject that required memorizing. I could feel it in my stomach at the first class of pharmacology- ok now that passed. BUT then came the first class of oral pathology, and oh did I feel that I had no I idea how I would be able to stuff all of these details into my little poor brain: causes, epidemiology, more common in – , less common in -, also known as xcvnxjksisdf, associated with trpdspcsmc Syndrome, and the list goes on and on. I was sitting there in the class thinking to myself: “ok, maybe I should not try studying this at all – that would be a total waste of time. I know that I wouldn’t remember anything in the exam no matter how hard I try to memorize these”. Then the first exam was coming soon, and of course my heart could not swallow the idea of not even trying to study a subject, and there I was in my dorm room repeating those totally-unrelated details at the top of my voice.

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