Microsurgical Endodontics Arnaldo Castellucci PDF

 Microsurgical Endodontics Arnaldo Castellucci PDF

Microsurgical Endodontics Arnaldo Castellucci PDF Download
Microsurgical Endodontics, a term coined by the author himself, is a branch of Endodontics that allows to save dental elements otherwise lost and intended to be replaced with implants. The study of it means adding precious information to your knowledge in endodontics. There are many indications of intervention, always linked to the failure of a previous treatment and may include solutions that, once put into practice, can resolve clinically complicated situations in a single session. The text presents a complete examination of the diagnostic approaches, of the clinical procedures, of the necessary tools and of the possible complications that Microsurgical Endodontics involves. It presents a complete picture, both from the theoretical point of view and the practical aspect, in order to face every intervention with confidence, from the management of soft tissues to the early removal of a suture.

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