Burket's Oral Medicine PDF

 Burket's Oral Medicine PDF

Burket's Oral Medicine PDF

Oral health, as a part of dentistry, is an important field for research and development. Burket's Oral Medicine is a comprehensive text on dental or oral diseases that discusses various diseases of the oral cavity along with other fields of concern like pharmacology, oral cancer, salivary gland diseases, orofacial pain, headache, respiratory tract diseases and more.

Over 40 International experts have contributed to this collection of articles related to the diseases of the oral cavity. Each chapter in the Burket's Oral Medicine includes a case history affixed with a chart and a case representation for better understanding of the concepts.

The introduction is written by the authors Martin S Greenberg, Michael Glick and Jonathan A Ship, discuss at-length as how to gather relevant information about the patient's oral health history; how to examine the patient; how to review the symptoms; establishing the diagnosis; consultation process; and the treatment procedure.

The authors have provided illustrations and examples to determine a patient's situation and have also given techniques or methods to determine the risk involved in any such procedure.

Burket's Oral Medicine is one of the most comprehensive texts available on the topic of oral health and diseases that affect oral health in general. This text is beneficial for anyone who to gain an insight into the diseases affecting the oral cavity and the ways to tackle them. Burket's Oral Medicine was published by CBS in 2012 and is available in hardcover format.

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