Textbook of Pediatric Oral Pathology PDF

 Textbook of Pediatric Oral Pathology PDF

Textbook of Pediatric Oral Pathology PDF
Salient Features This comprehensive book covers oral diseases affecting children and is useful for 5th year BDS students in pedodontics. Apart from them, 4th year MBBS students in paediatrics and postgraduate students will also find this book useful. Multicolour figures and clinical pictures are provided in all chapters for better under- standing of the concept. Source of easy reference for Pedodontists, Paediatricians, General Dentists/Medical Practitioners and Oral/General Pathologists. 

Table Of Contents 
1. Developmental Disturbances of Oral and Paraoral Structures 
2. Diseases of the Pulp and In Periapical Tissues 
3. Disease of Periodontium 
4. Bacterial Infections 
5. Viral Infections 
6. Fungal Infections 
7. Dental Caries 
8. Benign and Malignant Tumors of Oral Cavity 
9. Tumors of Salivary Glands 
10. Cysts and Tumors of Odontogenic Origin 
11. Diseases of Bones and Joints 
12. Diseases of the Skin 
13. Diseases of Blood and Blood Forming Organs 
14. Physical and Chemical Injuries of the Oral Cavity 
15. Allergic and Immunologic Diseases of the Oral Cavity 
16. Oral Aspects of Metabolic Diseases 
17. Diseases of Nerves and Muscles Index

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#Textbook of Pediatric Oral Pathology PDF
#Textbook of Pediatric Oral Pathology PDF Book


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