Materials and Instruments For Dental Clinic Setup

 Materials and Instruments For Dental Clinic Setup

Hello Everyone, In this post I am going to share list of materials and instruments required for new dental clinic setup. The list of materials and instruments will be according to Department wise. So, it is very easy to categorize and remember. 

Kindle Note that it is not necessary to buy all these stuff. You can choose according to your practice. I will share premium and their alternative at cheaper price for starting or those clinicians practicing in rural area.

So, Let's Get Started..........

Starting with......

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Disposable Items

1) Examination Gloves

You should have both latex and Non-latex gloves. I know Non-latex gloves are costly but you can use only in patients allergic to latex and during handling of putty impression material.

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2) Face Mask

surgical face mask

You should have face masks either elastic or loop. Due to Covid 19, Now you have to buy N95 or Premium Face masks and face Shields.

Surgical Face Masks
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N95 Face Masks


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3) Suction Tips

Suction Tips are of two types 1) With Copper Wire 2) Without Copper Wire. Without copper wire are cheaper and easy to bend than copper wire.

Copper Wired Suction Tips

copper wire suction tips

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Without Copper Wire Suction Tips

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4) Disposable Glasses

Simple Disposable Glasses For Patients.

Disposable Glasses
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5) Surgical Head Cap

Head Cap are necessary for Doctors and Patients during surgical procedures to protect from spatters and blood. You can either have readymade surgical caps or you can Stitch from green cloth. I suggest you to stitch caps because they can be reused after washing and autoclaving.

Surgical Caps
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6) Patient Bibs

These bibs are aesthetically pleasing and keep spills and fluids off of your patient during treatments such as cleaning, teeth whitening, and others. The material is 2 layers of tissue with 1 layer of plastic for waterproofing and designed to resist tears better than other thin dental bibs.

Again I will suggest you to Stitch Patient Drapes and Reuse Them. Maximum 5 Patient drape would be sufficient.

patient bibs
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7) Tray Cloth

You should have Tray Cloth to Cover dental chair tray during treatment. You can stitch tray cloth also. Maximum 10 tray clothes would be sufficient. 
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8) Disposable Glass Holder

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Diagnostic Items

1) PMT Set

There are various types of Mouth Mirror for example- Indian Mouth Mirror, GDC and API Mouth Mirror, Zirc Mouth Mirror, Magnifying Mirror.

You should have combination of all the mirror and minimum 15 sets required for starting.

Zirc Mouth Mirror

zirc mirror

They are the best Mouth Mirror I have ever seen. They will show you crystal clear  magnifying image. I personally feel you should have these Zirc mirror. I have set of 12 mirrors. They are costly and trust me you won't regret it.

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