Endodontic Microbiology PPT For NEET and Final Exams

 Endodontic Microbiology PPT For NEET and Final Exams

Endodontic Microbiology PPT For NEET and Final Exams

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  • Microorganisms cause virtually all pathoses of the pulp and periapical tissue. 
  • Major etiological factor of apical periodontitis. 
  • To effectively treat endodontic infections, clinicians must recognize the cause and effect of microbial invasion of the dental pulp space and the surrounding periapical tissues. 
  • The ultimate goal of endodontic treatment is either to prevent the development of apical periodontitis or, in cases where the disease is already present, to create adequate conditions for peri-radicular tissue healing.


Since many years, the interrelationship of microorganisms and the root canal system have been proved. 

  • Leeuwenhoek observed infected root canal of a tooth and found “cavorting beasties”. 
  • 17th century: AV Leeuwenhoek first described oral microflora. 
  • 1890: WD Miller (Father of oral microbiology) authorized book “Microorganisms of human mouth”. 
  • 1904: F Billings described theory of focal infection as a circumscribed area of tissue with pathognomic microorganisms.
  • 1909: EC Rosenow described theory of focal infection as localized or generalized infection caused by bacteria traveling via bloodstream from distant focus of infection. 
  • 1939: Fish observed four distinct zones of periapical reaction in response to infection. 
  • 1965: Kakehashi et al proved that bacteria are responsible for pulpal and periapical disease. 
  • 1976: Sundqvist used different culturing techniques for identification of both aerobic and anaerobic organisms and concluded that root canal infections are multibacterial.



Pathogenicity is ability of microorganisms to produce a disease. 

Virulence is degree of pathogenicity. 

Virulence factors are the microbial products, structural cellular components, or strategies that contribute to pathogenicity. 

Some microorganisms routinely cause disease in a given host and are called primary pathogens. Other microorganisms cause disease only when host defenses are impaired and are called opportunistic pathogens.



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