Monoblock In Endodontics PPT For Final Exams

 Monoblock In Endodontics PPT For Final Exams


What is Monoblock in Endodontics?

The term monoblock, literally meaning a single unit 

The monoblock concept means the creation of solid, bonded ,continuous material from one dentin wall of the canal to the other.


1) Primary Monoblock
2) Secondary Monoblock
3) Tertairy Monoblock

1) Primary Monoblock

A primary monoblock has only one interface that extends circumferentially between the material and the root canal wall.

Primary Monoblock

2) Secondary Monoblock

Secondary monoblocks are those that have two circumferential interfaces, one between the cement and dentin and the other between the cement and the core material.

Secondary Monoblock

3) Tertiary Monoblock

Tertiary monoblocks are those in which a third circumferential interface is introduced between the bonding substrate and the abutment material.

Tertiary Monoblock

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