Access Cavity Preparation Notes PPT For Exams

 Access Cavity Preparation Notes PPT For Exams

Access Cavity Preparation Notes PPT For Exams

After the establishment of diagnosis and treatment plan, the first plan of treatment directly applied to the tooth is the access cavity preparation. Access is the first and arguably most important phase of nonsurgical root canal treatment.

Endodontic cavity preparation may be separated into two anatomic divisions

(a) Coronal preparation 
(b) Radicular preparation. 

The Coronal phase which is access cavity must give direct access to the root canals and the apical foramina so that these areas may be cleaned and shaped by the intraradicular phase.


The classic concept of apical root anatomy is based on three anatomic and histologic landmarks in the apical region of a root: 

The Apical constriction (AC) 
The Cementodentinal junction (CDJ) and 
The Apical foramen (AF). 

Kuttler's description of the anatomy of the root apex has the root canal tapering from the canal orifice to the AC, which generally is 0.5 to 1.5 mm coronal to the AF.

The AC generally is considered the part of the root canal with the smallest diameter; it also is the reference point clinicians use most often as the apical termination for shaping, cleaning, and obturation.

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